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Sarah Schofield

Sarah Schofield

Sarah Schofield is a UBDS Delivery Lead, Mother of two, partner to an amazing person, former barrister and Programme Manager. After a brief stint in law, she spent 11 years working at the Ministry of Justice delivering large-scale complex change programmes in successive roles. Sarah set up and ran Project Management functions leading multimillion-pound budgets and managing large teams in the digital and technology space. Besides the usual programme qualifications, she’s also a certified scrum master.

What does your position at UBDS involve?

I coordinate teams across multiple projects to deliver successful programmes on time and to budget. Numerous challenges make my role interesting not least of which is managing stakeholders, interdependencies, risks, resources and timelines. I create the space for project teams to succeed and coax them into delivering to their commitments while managing the many constituents involved.

What has your favourite UBDS project been so far?

All projects have their complexities and challenges that force you to apply your skills and experience. So for me, large complex programmes tickle my interest. In my current programme portfolio, I am enjoying delivering M365, RMS and Azure Scanning. Previously, I did similar work for a large central government department, so I have an appreciation of the effort and of what success looks like. It’s good to be able to draw on this experience to mitigate risks and accelerate delivery for new clients.

Can you talk about the learning curve you’ve been on at UBDS?

I am not a technical person, so every new technical project means a steep learning curve – getting the acronyms, terms and language. On a separate note, something I know only too well but am reminded of when it hits again: the importance and complexity of managing diverse stakeholders across a portfolio of projects. Collaboration is the key to any well-run programme, and I always reach out for help if I am stuck or struggling with something – and I have a great team around me!

What do you enjoy about your work?

At UBDS, I have been at the forefront of technology trends delivering cloud solutions, modern collaboration tools and complex digital transformation involving 1,000s of people – this is what excites me. There is no better feeling than, after months or even years of work, bringing home a programme that clients are delighted with on time and to budget. I enjoy delivering good outcomes, living up to the commitments we make and working with really great people. UBDS is a dynamic, growing organisation that is fun to be part of!

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