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Diptesh Patel

Diptesh Patel

Diptesh Patel founded UBDS alongside a team of digital transformation experts with a vision to deliver IT solutions with unrivalled efficiency and speed. With over 20 years of operational and executive experience, he has spearheaded projects as a trusted strategic partner of leading public and private sector organisations, equipping clients with the right tools and processes to thrive in the digital age. He is passionate about UBDS’ fast-tracked international expansion and commitment to core values of providing exceptional service with energy and integrity.

Which key services does UBDS provide?

We enable and support organisations to go through a digital transformation journey. We help them take their existing services and move them to new and emerging technologies including cloud technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as the enablers, such as networks, infrastructure and Software-Defined Wan. As part of that, we consider all security aspects to ensure the transformation is delivered in a cyber-secure way.

What are UBDS’ core strengths and operational values? 

Customers are absolutely centric to the way that we work – we’re passionate about achieving their business outcomes with a single one team approach. Our core values are around being really energetic in what we do and delivering that proactive service to achieve those goals.

Our core strength is our ability to deliver quality outcomes at pace. We can take a difficult situation and work fast to resolve that to achieve exceptional business outcomes – this is key to the way we work. With our team of experts who are highly trained, motivated, and customer-obsessed, we can achieve this incredibly well.

What do you enjoy about digital transformation?

Digital transformation helps to achieve remarkable business outcomes. We have clients across both the public and the private sector, and it’s fantastic to see how the solutions we deliver have upgraded their user experience. In the public sector, citizens have gained access to new services at pace – we can give people a better experience, and we’ve helped organisations improve performance with better, faster services while reducing costs.

Which fundamental principles do you follow in business and life?

The key principles we follow both in work and in our personal lives are around being passionate about what we do, ambitious and motivated. We are keen on taking those principles into everything we do for our clients and also taking that into our own lives and having fun.

We want to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients, and we also want to deliver excellent outcomes in our own lives. We enjoy working hard and playing hard.

What’s your vision for the future of UBDS?

Our vision is to continue to expand our products and services to ensure our clients have always got the latest and best technologies. As a fast-growing digital transformation partner for leading enterprise, we are set for international expansion with partnerships underway in the Netherlands and Dubai.

Our success is driven by our customer-centric approach and by our committed team. We have a fantastic team, and we are always looking to help them develop as well as bring in new talent, but most important is that we have fun while we’re doing it!

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