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Andrej Molotov

Andrej Molotov

Andrej Molotov is a UBDS Cloud and Infrastructure Engineering Lead. His specialisms include private cloud datacentre solutions with a focus on core infrastructure, security, disaster recovery and migrating traditional IT environments to a cloud-first approach. From acting as IT Infrastructure Manager for a large pharmacy chain – responsible for leading the IT function for hundreds of stores and millions of patient records – to heading up digital transformation for the financial services sector, Andrej brings a wealth of experience in adding value with a modern technology vision. As a dedicated engineer, he loves the constant learning curve technology brings.

What brought you to UBDS?

My technology vision is aligned with UBDS; I enjoy working in an environment where everyone is committed to a high calibre level of client delivery, and I am looking forward to all that’s ahead of us. I’m excited to have an opportunity to work alongside a great team and to have a chance to learn from the best.

What stands out about UBDS?

When I joined UBDS, I quickly realised that people are extremely experienced and carry a wealth of knowledge behind them. The partnerships and projects that UBDS is aligned to are substantial, valuable, and will make a massive difference going forward.

What do you enjoy about digital transformation?

My team is currently working on a few ground-breaking digital transformation projects supporting our client’s journey to the cloud. I take pride in looking for the best ways to drive efficiency and create the most value across everything I do for the client.

I genuinely believe in, and I’ve seen first-hand, the benefits digital transformation brings to businesses. Even a minor step in the right direction can sometimes make a big difference with advantages reaching far beyond the immediate impact of efficiency, productivity and cost-savings to laying the foundation for a better, more positive and cohesive business culture.

What is it like to take a client on a digital transformation journey?

The most exciting thing that motivates me is the new knowledge I gather along the way. Every solution built is unique for every client as everyone has different requirements, and these work in parallel to best practices that need to be understood and adopted.

At the end of every project, there’s an extraordinary feeling of satisfaction, knowing that the journey we took together of bringing in and adopting modern technology helped our clients evolve into something greater. We challenge every step along the way to ensure decisions made are aligned to the client’s vision and are the best choice for what they need to succeed at doing what they do best.

Is there a principle you follow for your career development?

I continue self-developing as I believe it is the key prerequisite for success in my field; it’s a crucial requirement to keep up with the rapidly changing business needs and new emerging technologies.

What keeps you busy outside of work?

I like photography, countryside holidays and travelling. However, the best time is always spent with family – I’ve become a parent recently, and I enjoy every opportunity we get to spend together.

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