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Migrating to Cloud

Our migration methods are proven, fast-paced and highly profitable

Our Approach

We’ve helped organisations save over £30 million per year and a lot of time, as our method migrates more than 2 applications per week. Initially, our team would discuss a variety of things from financial savings and service improvements to hosting solutions and timescales.

Then, we’ll create a high level plan, detailing what will be moved, what will be replaced and how long it will all take. We would work closely with you to review the end-to-end delivery approach, making sure that we have a successful transition of services without impacting production.

What does it involve?

  • Suitable for moving away from IT Service Providers, on-premise (datacentre) on-premise (on-site comms/data rooms)
  •  Suitable for moving to in-house datacentres, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), IBM Cloud, Skylab, etc.
  • Suitable for systems and applications hosted on mainframes, e.g. Virtual Machine Environments, etc.
  • Suitable for applications hosted on legacy Unix, e.g. IBM’s AIX or Sun’s Solaris operating systems, etc.
  • Suitable for applications hosted on propriety middleware, e.g. IBM’s WebSphere or Tivoli, etc.
  • Suitable for x86 architecture and non-86 architecture applications and systems from legacy versions, e.g. RHEL v2.0, Windows 2000
  • Fully adaptable model

Why is it valuable?

  • Proven to generate savings of over £30 million per year
  • Incredible speed, migrate at least 2 applications per week
  • Reduced operating costs / total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Increased resiliency and service stability
  • Utilising the elastic nature of cloud (EC2, vNet, VPC)
  • Transitioning from current operating model to a hybrid and/or multi-cloud operating models
  •  Secure data encryption at rest and data encryption in transit
  • General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) compliant
  •  Includes data sovereignty requirements and data to SECRET level
  • Can scale up to hundreds of applications, or scale down to a handful of applications
  • Reduces dependency on legacy contracts and removes vendor lock-in

Other Services

Digital Transformation

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Digital Security

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Agile Product Delivery

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