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Data and Intelligence

Changing what you think is possible with your data

We help organisations exploit data. We work as one team with our customers to harness the power of data to improve user experience, increase revenue, reduce manual effort, and mitigate risk.

Our data team use UBDS’ best-practice frameworks and cutting-edge technologies to deliver data-centric User Research, Data warehousing and Integration, Artificial Intelligence deployments, and Information Governance.

Use Cases

  • Build or migrate your data warehouse and analytics platform to Cloud to provide a single source of truth and end-user BI reporting capability.
  • Set up a Data Science incubator to find and test AI use cases.
  • Automate data classification to ensure full legislative compliance.
  • Build a chat-bot to help customers and citizens navigate services.
  • Advice and training for data orchestration, visualisation, and analytics solutions.
  • Understand your users’ needs through surveys, observation, interviews, and data analysis. Use advanced techniques to understand emotion based on video footage or key-phrase analysis from big-data like global Twitter feeds.


Make fact-based business, infrastructure, and portfolio decisions at pace – respond efficiently and precisely to change.

Automate and scale recognition, text-analysis, anomaly detection and prediction tasks.

Reduce carbon footprint by resolving systemic data issues such as duplication by creating data-centric processes and applications.

High-security storage, migration and use of petabytes of data.

Drive down costs – our methods are proven to generate savings of over £30 million per year.

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