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Network Transformation

UBDS led a major UK government department in the design of and transition to a hybrid SD-WAN network


The government department had a traditional, physical, private network which was at risk of becoming congested under periods of increased pressure. Traditional networks are more prone to security breaches and have limited capacity to quickly up or downscale bandwidth to match changes in demand. The department wanted to harness the power of a modern, software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) approach, and benefit from better efficiency, scalability, agility and security capabilities.

UBDS supported the department in the seamless roll-out of an SD-WAN over a hybrid transport network (Private and Public) across 1,000 sites used by 84,000 employees to serve around 20 million customers. UBDS experts designed the solution and managed the transition with a 100% success rate and the continuous, uninterrupted operations of critical services.

What We Achieved

  • The network transformation enabled high-speed traffic flow over the most optimal, uncongested routes to the cloud and other DWP sites.
  • The roll-out includes 200 new sites built
  • The SD-WAN network roll-out has improved the department’s digital interactions with customers and fully optimised end-user experience.
  • The department has taken on increased responsibility for the network, managing the new SD-WAN with real-time insight into how the network is performing.
  • The hybrid network enabled the department to set up sites within days and quickly deliver higher capacity.
  • Cloud-based software monitors activity and enforces security policies, protecting staff from external cyber threats.

Our Approach

  • Network capability assessment and improvement planning
  • Network Management and Transformation Planning with knowledge transfer
  • Architectural blueprints, roadmaps, governance, transition planning, high/low-level designs
  • Design and implementation of new network topologies – SD-WAN
  • Operational procedure documentation
  • Handover of new service design and training of internal staff

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