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Migrating File Storage to Cloud

UBDS supported a large Central Government organisation in its migration to O365 by moving all documentation and file storage from an outsourced IT provider to Microsoft Azure


Microsoft’s Office 365 solution provides a one stop shop for office working. It provides collaboration (Teams), personal documents (OneDrive), corporate/shared documents (SharePoint), communications (Exchange) and Productivity (Office). UBDS supported one organisation in its migration to O365 by moving all documentation and file storage from an outsourced IT provider to Microsoft Azure. This organisation not only enjoys the scalability, flexibility, security, reliability and reduced costs of operating from cloud, but also extended support and patching from Microsoft for any Windows 2008 servers to January 2023.

On behalf of this organisation, we managed the whole file move from initial concept through pilot, design, governance, build, migration, issue resolution and transition to live.

What We Achieved

  •     438 file servers migrated
  •     326 Terabytes of storage capacity
  •     220 Terabytes of data
  •     106,915 users
  •     1,401 locations
  •     Process completed in just 20 evenings

Our Approach

Put the key elements in place first

This includes extending Active Directory into the cloud, expanding network bandwidth, secrets management, privileged user access, monitoring and alerting and installing the on-premise migrate tool.

Be aware of ‘what lies beneath’

It’s amazing what users will store in their folders, including applications, macros, Access 2000 databases and these can be used by hundreds of people, in the same way a normal client-server application would operate. UBDS has a proven testing approach to identify these ‘unknown unknowns’ and ensure they are not an issue post-migration.

Watch for the hard-coded IP

Using Azure’s Migrate Tool means the file path and what the user sees remain unchanged, however if they have a direct link to an Internet Protocol (IP) address then this will have changed in the migration. UBDS completed the migration during the hours 20.30 to 05.30 and ran a Migration Command Centre from 05.30 to 11.30 to ensure any issues would be quickly addressed, with rollback always available as an option.

For further reading on migrating to cloud, or wider digital transformation, please download a copy of the UBDS Insight Digital Transformation for Cloud or contact us at


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