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Migrating Applications to Cloud at Scale

We partnered with a major Government organisation, proudly saving them £30 million per year


Government organisations, like many large, long-running organisations, have a vast legacy infrastructure and technical debt accrued over decades of operations. This can go as far back to mainframe systems, or more recently to Windows 2008 and Linux servers.

We helped by migrating these services to the more reliable, cheaper, elastic, resilient, secure hosting solutions. Our team lead this migration with the Government Department. Over 50% of applications migrated to Amazon Web Services through a combination of re-writing, re-platforming and re-hosting, with the rest moving to Microsoft Azure, their On-Premise Datacentre or being retired.

What We Achieved

  •     138 applications migrated to AWS, Azure, On-premise, or retired
  •     Full migration in 18 months – 2 apps each week
  •     £30 million savings per annum
  •     Full team planning, technical delivery and migration
  •     Increased stability, reliability and security protection once migrated

Our Approach

Show and prove

Cloud technology is still relatively new to some people and that naturally brings scepticism. To bring trust, we offered approaches which were proven to help organisations make the cultural changes required for cloud.

Finding the best migration strategy

Migrating an application residing on an AIX server, or a Siebel system, is a different approach to migrating a Windows 2012 server using a SQL server; also the number of reachback services (identity, batch jobs, security monitoring) has a big role in determining the best migration strategy. You can be assured whatever you need to migrate, we have probably migrated something similar in the past.

Strong leadership

Migrating to cloud requires strong leadership and support to drive through the cultural changes and gain key governance support. We provide leadership support through business case development, training, mentoring and coaching; we also offer interim leaders to oversee the migration for you.


Critical applications are normally moved out of core business hours and so the migration team need to be prepared for a lot of late nights and long weekends. Our team members are familiar with undertaking evening and weekend migrations and can do this on your behalf.

For further reading on migrating to cloud, or wider digital transformation please download a copy of the UBDS Insight Digital Transformation for Cloud or contact us at


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